A Little More Faith

Spontaneousity is what makes my confidence shake. If only I knew what the results would be before I take actions, I would be surely the most badass person you’ll found out there. Sadly, our reality is anything like this or close to it. Its anything like a maths equations where you can guess the outcome before actually proccedding.

Indeed friends, life is a science where you can add some spices of your own but 90% of it is the spontaneous’ condiments. You may say oh, I’ll invest all my economy in that business but hey, you did not see your house catching fire? No! You did not see your car crashing, you did not see yourself lose someone important and falling into alcoholism.

The things is to walk by faith not by sight. I love that saying. Never underestimate the power of believing in something higher than us. Most of the top successful people had faith in something… some will tell you faith and God, while some law of attraction. These two things ask you to walk with confidence, not fearing what’s going to come and what’s right at your door step. This is where confidence come.

Unfortunately, believe it or not, on our own, it’s possible to find some confidence, but the full package is found in super and extra natural forces. By trusting them, we trust ourselves.

Walking around saying that you’re the best is self confidence. Everyone is called to believe that they are the best. With God confidence you walk around and say that you are UNSTOPPABLE. It does not mean that no bullet would be shot at you. It means that you will walk on a battlefield, bullets firing on you like hungry mosquitoes, but still you are alive. It is the strong conviction that there is a plan for us. There is purpose in what is being done. There is someone watching and loving my generous actions.

Self confidence may say that I am full of flaws and that is okay. GOD confidence says that I am full of flaws but still am perfect in the eyes of god for he, has designed me to be this way, of his taste and image.

I would like to know you better. Let’s answer these questions or any particular questions you feel most appeal to you. I’ll be glad to read you answers in the comment section!

1. Do you believe in God Confidence?

2. What is your relationship with God right now?

3. Do you have confidence in yourself?

4. How is the perfect relationship with yourself looks like?

I’ve been trying to evolve in terms of the ways I post my contents. You like it in that format, short and compact and with questions? Or do you prefer ther old and traditional ways? Let me know!

What if I won the lottery…

$1,000,000,000 transferred to my bank account. Jeez I’m rich. What I do? What I do?

1. I would buy myself a house in the USA/UK, and why not both?

All those who are close to me, know that USA and UK are my dream countries. I would buy myself a medium house because it would not cost a lot for maintenance and daily usage of electricity. However, it must have swimming pool, a garden so as I can grow my things myself (save, save), a pannel of solar panels (ecofriendly), a studio so that I can produce music, 4 bed rooms, a modern kitchen, sophisticated toilets (hihhi), and also a large living space. Oh, I’m so overwhelmed by emotions that I also forgot the glass made bathroom with view on the landscape which I hope is the beach.

2. I would buy myself a car, a beautiful one.

Well, if there is a thing I know about cars, is the tires only. I better tmfind someone to help me chose but who? However, I have an idea of the type of car I should buy. Ecofriendly, it must have the hybrid option, it must be of a dark silvery. Most importantly, it must not be expensive. Better protect that money cause we never when it will pop out of sight.

3. I would travel the world.

From New York to Washington, Seattle to San Diego, Mexico to San Francisco, California to Florida, London to Peth, they would all know my face.

4. I would start a business.

I would become one of the top investor. My company would be called Mwa Ki La which if translated into English means I am here which also deep meanings I am the boss, I rule here something like that. No I’m just kidding. I would invest in ecological projects.

I just got a new idea. I don’t know if you know the place in the ocean where there is so much plastic bottles, plastic bags and all the Blabla, what if I make a campaign to go and clean there. Oh and what if my company would create glamorous objects and clothes with recycle materials?

5. An organization to suppor women

I’m not talking about supporting them to climb up the social ladder. I’m talking about supporting their lifestyle, especially for homeless women who have to deal with their menstrual cycles. I would make a kind of distributor for sanitary products and it will all be FREE OF CHARGE.

5. I will start equitation

Riding horse on the beach or going for a ride on mountains ( if it is even possible). Its all I dream about. There’s something magic and mystical about horses. They are so majestic and magnificent creatures ( I can’t!!!)

6. I will study as much as I could

I’ve always wanted to have several qualifications; PHds, masters, doctorates, degrees… everything. I want to be an academically settled woman. Knowledge give power… I firmly believe that.

7. Build myself a private library

Okay, I’ve been trying to do that at home. I have a small section dedicated to books. They are arranged on my shelves in order of genres. My self help books at the top of course. They are in English, then my fictitious books… then my french interesting self help books then… the books I don’t love that much. (They are mainly, 100% french. No hate just my opinion and what suits me the most.)

8. I will manage my social media professionally

A profession needs a professional social media platform. What to post and what not to post, but be meticulously dealt with. We need not to be too personal and at the same time not too rigid.

9. I will get myself an Apple iPad.

Weird weird weird… I do have a a tablet but the pencils which come with the iPads are what I crave for.

10. I will start writing

I love writing so why not?

Preparing for my O Level Examinations [Blog 1]

Well, well. If you have noticed, I have not posted much content on my blog for a long period of time. I am so caught with my exams preparatives ( I don’t know why this word gives that sentence such a festive mood). For those from any country where you do not sit for Cambridge International Exams, CIE, I am for the O Level, meaning Ordinary Level, and later will for the A Level, meaning Advance Level.

My people will know what I am talking about and how crucial it is for us to rock that paper. That piece of paper, in fact, is the minimum, the least, the itty bitty qualification we will ask us on the job market. So, passing the exams is easy, but passing with quality is not.

I’ve sat for exams, important exams, but this one will directly affect my ways of life later; university admissions, job choice, career prospects, income, lifestyle, happiness… everything. This is to make you understand the essentialism of the exams.

I’ve taken much time to write that post. Why because I never knew what to say or where to start. I’m so overwhelmed by emotions that I feel like theres so much to do and yet I’ve done nothing much.

My first preoccupation is my English Literature exams. I’ve been preparing so much for it. This is one of the subjects I could die for, sincerely. There is so much refinement and charm, but at the same time, theres a hidden scary facade of it. I really hope my hard work will pay off.

The thing that scares me is that there are two possibilities; first, I get the results I want, and I am happy about it. Secondly, I don’t get the result I want but I have something to learn from it. Either ways, it will definitely affect my idea of my self and my self esteem.

Furthermore, guys, believe or not some people have set an expectation of what results I should have. Some say that i would, that I am, among the best and that I will definitely, eyes closed, get perfect and straight As, but can I really?

These people trust more than I trust myself. I’m scared that i deceive these people, and by deceiving them, I deceive myself too. Among these persons, theres my mother. She trusts me so much guys that im horrified I break her heart with my results.

Anyways, I have to get ready academically and emotionally.

A Podcast Is It A Good Idea?

Hello guys. Just a quick question. Are you interested in a podcast? I’ve been thinking about it and well the idea is the attractive. I wanted to have you opinion too.

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